Saturday, April 27, 2013

Private, Confidential, and Secure Google+ Hangout Legal Meetings with Lawyers & Clients -

Confidentiality and Privacy is of utmost importance to Lawyers and Clients in all legal matters.  Google Plus Hangouts allow for private, secure, and confidential online face-to-face legal meetings with lawyers and attorneys. inquired from Google about the issue of privacy using Google+ Hangouts and the response from Google was as follows:

"Hangouts keeps your information safe and secure by encrypting all of your communication including audio and video media streams, from your machine to Google's servers."

"This helps protect your Google+ Hangout conversations from being accessed by third parties."

Find lawyers and attorneys using Google+ hangouts for online video consultations, meetings, and conferences at

Learn detailed information about lawyer and client confidentiality, privacy and security for online legal consultations and meetings using Google+ hangouts in this video by founder +Thomas Finley and Google+ expert +Ronnie Bincer :