helps you find lawyers that use Video Calls and Hangouts to meet with you online, face to face, to discuss your legal matter. Appointments are usually required for Video Calls the same way as an office visit with the Lawyer. The Founder and owner of LawyerCams is Thomas Finley, a solo Lawyer in Texas for over 27 years who is active on Social Media and very familiar with Lawyer Marketing.

Lawyer Video Calls, unlike a traditional office visit, saves time and is more efficient when a face-to-face meeting with a Lawyer is needed. Video Calls are encrypted and secure by Google. Other types of Video Calls are Skype, Facebook, Apple Facetime, and others. Go to to find a lawyer in your State and in the area of practice you are searching for to find a lawyer that uses Video Calls. Lawyers can differentiate themselves by adding Video Calls to their practice and set themselves apart in their Lawyer Marketing.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Private, Confidential, and Secure Google+ Hangout Legal Meetings with Lawyers & Clients -

Confidentiality and Privacy is of utmost importance to Lawyers and Clients in all legal matters.  Google Plus Hangouts allow for private, secure, and confidential online face-to-face legal meetings with lawyers and attorneys. inquired from Google about the issue of privacy using Google+ Hangouts and the response from Google was as follows:

"Hangouts keeps your information safe and secure by encrypting all of your communication including audio and video media streams, from your machine to Google's servers."

"This helps protect your Google+ Hangout conversations from being accessed by third parties."

Find lawyers and attorneys using Google+ hangouts for online video consultations, meetings, and conferences at

Learn detailed information about lawyer and client confidentiality, privacy and security for online legal consultations and meetings using Google+ hangouts in this video by founder +Thomas Finley and Google+ expert +Ronnie Bincer :

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Create an Appointment for online Lawyer Meetings - Google+ Events

Use the Google+ Events tool to schedule appointments with lawyers for online face-to-face legal consultations and meetings using Google+ Hangouts.  Find lawyers on using Google+ Hangouts for online legal consultations and meetings at

Learn How to create an event on Google Plus in this video tutorial by Google+ expert +martin shervington


Friday, April 19, 2013

Have online face-to-face meetings with Lawyers - Learn to Use Google+ Plus Hangouts - by Google

Have online face-to-face meetings with Lawyers by learning how to use Google Plus Hangouts.  Learn more about Google+ Hangouts and its features such as chat face-to-face, host virtual meetings, and broadcast to the world.  Google+ Hangouts allows free video conferencing for up to ten (10) people, but also allows you to have limited, secure, and private video meetings.  Google+ hangouts are the perfect tool for online face to face legal meetings with lawyers and attorneys.  Find out more about Google+ Hangouts at on our LawyerCams web site, and by watching this video from Google:


Friday, April 5, 2013

Scheduling online Appointments for Google+ Hangouts using the Events Tool - LawyerCams wants to help people find lawyers and attorneys for face to face online legal consultations and meetings using Google+ Hangouts.  However, it is not the vision of that we as lawyers are ready to have a Google+ Hangout on a moments notice.  Most if not all lawyers and attorneys schedule appointments before discussing legal matters. The Google+ Events Tool is the solution and it is explained in the video below by Google+ and YouTube expert +Ronnie Bincer on behalf of .

As a lawyer for over 26 years, it is understood that we need to schedule our legal consultations and appointments for new and potential clients and have that legal meeting set on our calendar.  Also, many of us need to run "conflicts" checks before discussing any legal matters with new clients.  This video is the solution to the issue of scheduling appointments with existing and potential clients for legal matters using the Google Plus Events Tool for Google+ Hangouts.